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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Harper's Baby Shower!

This last weekend was our baby shower at Tucker Hall at St. Peter's. In honor of my future All Star and his sporty room design, the hostesses (Dustin's aunts and sisters) decorated and served in true ballpark fashion.

Popcorn was the beginning course followed by options of Frito pies, hot dogs, nachos and other ballpark treats. Plenty of yummy desserts were available too!

We had an amazing turnout and I had an absolute blast seeing all my friends and then getting to open presents for my baby. Even Dustin said he enjoyed the shower! I can't think everyone enough for coming and supporting and for all of the wonderful gifts we received. I think minus a couple of bottles and few nick nacks, we are set for Mr. Harper Kothe!

And one of my favorite parts was getting to see Sam and her newest addition, Davis. I haven't seen her since October when she was 8 weeks away from delivery and now I got to see her and meet her absolutely darling son. It was hard to see them leave as I didn't get to spend as much time with them as I hoped but I know once Harper is here, we will be meeting up for Harper and Davis to have playdates! We'll get a jump start on teaching the boys how to be basketball players!!

32 Week Check Up

I don't have my sonogram picture uploaded yet but we got to see little Harper last week (2/2) at our last check up. She wanted to check his size since he seemed to be growing quite fast! This was the first time since finding out he was a boy in November that we have seen him. Dustin and his mom were able to make it to the appointment with me.

We saw little Harper squirm and move as is his everyday activity- everyone comments on just how active he is (which my ribs are now seconding). But I knew he would take after his Dad and be an active boy! We watched as he punched the placenta multiple times (of course it was in the way of getting his picture taken so he had to!). Then he was moving his mouth a lot and my biggest fear of the child coming out talking looks to be true- not really but if he takes after his Dad, talking will come very early on! At this time, he weighs 4 pounds and looks to be healthy as can be. Oh and when they measured, he got the big Reichenau head it looks like...just what I wanted to hear. :)

But all in all, things are going wonderfully and I'm finally starting to show. We are getting very excited and can't wait to meet him in a few short weeks!

Becky's Baby Shower

Becky had her baby shower right after New Year's (I know I don't post regularly enough). It was so much fun to get to see all the frilly pink things that I know we won't be getting at ours.

Below is a picture from her shower of Stacey, me and Becky. Stacey was 3 weeks from having Jorie, Becky four weeks behind her and me 5 weeks behind Becky. So now as I actually post this picture, Jorie is 3 weeks old, Becky is about 2 weeks away and I'm about 7 weeks. So many babies!!

Harper's Crib

This is Harper's crib. We now have a mattress so don't worry- this was just an early picture of getting it put together and up in the room.