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Friday, September 2, 2011

Fun at the ranch

Feeding the goats

He really wanted to feed the goat himself!

Harper with Mimi on the mule- his favorite thing to do is ride around or pretend he is driving!

Three generations of Kothe men- Darrel, Dustin, and Harper

Silly boy!

Harper has gotten the best sense of humor and always keeps us laughing.  His newest thing is to scrunch up his nose and laugh.  I haven't captured it on pictures yet but I'm still working on it!
Bath time! One of the best times of everyday!!

My two boys playing in the floor!  Too cute!

Enjoying a little cereal and watching morning cartoons-- ahhhh the life!

Enjoying the Gillespie County Fair Parade with me!

Beach Time!

We had a blast at the beach this year.  Harper wasn't too sure of the sand but he got used to it and enjoyed both the surf and the pool! 

Awful...Terrible...But to catch up finally...

I've been horrendous at updating my blog this summer so here are a few short and quick posts of pictures and the fun we've had this summer. 

We've played outside in the water a lot (the only way to keep cool!).

 Then we've had to make fun inside to keep cool.  Here is my little man in his Texans jersey- thanks Aunt Sam!! 

Doesn't this smile make you think he has something evil on his mind?!?!  HAHA!!

Harper and his cousin Jorie (Stacey's little girl) playing at the Stonewall Peach Jamboree parade.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A trip to the lake

Harper and Daddy driving Papa's boat

Catching some rays (or trying to hide from them)

Harper playing with his cousin Braylen

Harper and his cousin Hadley (who is only 2 weeks older)

Bad blogger...

Since Harper turned one my life has gotten incredibly hectic. We've been through two fundraisers, Easter, Mother's Day, and a whole host of other things (including a trip to the lake! and our first ear infection- that lingered into two ear infections really). On top of all of that, Harper starting walking the day after his birthday party and hasn't stopped since. We are constantly on the move. I'm going to try to catch up and post some pictures.
On the way to church Easter morning

After church with all my kiddos!  I can't believe how big they all are now!

My little bunny Easter egg hunting with Daddy
After the egg hunt with my grandmother, Harper's Nanno

Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Harper!!

On Friday, Harper turned 1 year old!! It is so hard to believe that this time last year I was just getting home from the hospital with a tiny new baby.  So much has happened in the last year and I wouldn't trade it for the world! I love being the Mommy of this amazing boy!

We don't have stats as our doctor appointment is tomorrow but right now we are crawling, pulling up, almost walking, and just plain getting into everything.  Harper is going through a clingy stage and really wants Mommy holding him ALL the time (some days I love it and others it drives me crazy!). We've done away with bottles and exclusively on sippy cups and big boy food.  Sleeping has never been a strong point and that still continues (but we are working on it).  He's a very happy, sweet boy (with a bit of a temper) who is a joy for us to be with. I don't know what I ever did before him!!  He  truly is the love of my life ( I still love you Dustin...but he's my baby!)

On Saturday was the big party.  It was huge and fun...but thank goodness it is over! I was exhausted from planning it.  We had so many good friends and family join in the celebration at my mom's house- we are so blessed to have everyone!! Below are some of the pictures and highlights of the big event. The theme was Super Why (Harper's favorite cartoon).
Harper's Cakes

The Smash Cake

So many gifts- what a lucky boy!!

Trying to assess the cake- definitely his mommy's kid really didn't enjoy getting dirty and digging in :)

Mommy, Harper & Daddy with the cake

After the smash cake- not too bad!

All the one year olds and their mommies- all are 2.5 months apart! Ashley & Hadley (March), Stacey & Jorie (January), Me & Harper (April), Becky & Hayden (February)

About to open some presents!
Thanks to everyone who came.  It was a truly special day.  Can't wait for many more birthdays to come!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

11 Months old and so much to do!

On March 1st Harper turned 11 months old.  We are in high gear planning the ever-important 1st birthday party!  Looking forward to tons of fun!!

Last week Harper came down with a nasty sinus infection and that was just an awful way for him to ring in the eleventh month.  We are just finishing our antibiotics and doing better though.  After visiting the doctor, we are 22 pounds and 29 inches- growing boy!

As for new things, we are now full on crawling- just started really on Monday.  Although we don't do it tons, if he is on carpet or his soft pad he goes for it.  The hard floor puts a stop to it but I don't really blame him.  Last night he took two steps on his own!! We were so excited. I know he is at that point and will go fast now!

All in all, things are great and busy.  I'm planning a fun SuperWhy bash for his birthday and can't wait to see how it turns out!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Harper's First Haircut

On Saturday, February 19th, we gave Harper his first haircut.  He was getting a little shaggy around the ears, on his neck and his forehead.  So after spending the afternoon with Dustin's parents at the ranch, his mom- Mimi- gave him his first haircut.  He did really well for a 10 month old!  We sat him on the counter and he played in cabinets and read his book while she cut.  It was kind of sad to see him lose that real baby look but he looks like such a sweet little man now!


First snip

Playing in the cabinets while Mimi chased him around

Almost done!

After- what a little man!!

Dinner with Nannie & Papa

Friday night we enjoyed a nice seafood dinner with Nannie and Papa.  We had such a good time we even decided to spend the night.  I had to post this picture because my dad was so proud!  Harper was in his Aggie shirt playing with a Caterpillar dozer...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Catching up on the last month or so...

So apparently in the last month and a half or so I've fallen incredibly behind and have not been posting anything on my blog.  In an attempt to catch up here are a few of the pictures and happenings of the last month...

Harper turned 10 months old on February 1st.  He is now eating big boy food most of the time and seems to really be enjoying it.  Still no crawling but getting closer and closer to walking- he keeps letting go of us and every day seems to be a little more. He can sit up on his own which he started doing during the middle of January. Starting to plan the 1st Birthday party so that's fun and keeping me busy on top of being busy at work! His personality is really starting to shine through and he's a blast! He has the best little giggle and is quite funny himself.  On the opposite side of that he has a German temper really making appearances- especially at the word "no".  Oh the things I know I get to look forward to in the years to come with him!

Big boy food and loving it! 

In addition, we've endured a crazy cold spell and made it through.  I'll be so ready to not have to layer myself and Harper everyday just to go out.  I much prefer Spring and Summer! cold!

Mommy is sooo proud!! He looks like a natural to me!

What morning hair!  The poor baby is cursed but so darn cute!

Enjoying the first beautiful day outside in his new swing he got for Christmas

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 9 Months!

As we celebrated the beginning of 2011, we also celebrated Harper turning 9 months old.  I absolutely can't believe we have had him for 9 months. The changes I have seen in my little boy in this time are amazing.  He's gone from a clone of his Daddy when he was born to looking exactly like I did as a baby (oh isn't he lucky!) minus a few of the rolls that I had.  He even likes playing in the kitchen floor like I did as a baby.

Harper now weighs 20 pounds 5 ounces and measures 28 inches.  He has 2 teeth officially but 5 more coming in all at one (4 up top and one more on the bottom).  One on the top has kind of peeked through but not all the way exposed.  Harper can army crawl but no real crawling- and not even too much of the army crawl.  He does love to hold on to hands and walk around.  It just about breaks our back because we are too tall but we still do it.  We finally broke down and bought a cheap walker to save our backs and after resisting for a few days, he's finally learned how to use it. 

Harper loves to clap and cheer for himself especially when feeding himself the little puffs- we say "Yay Harper!" and he raises both hands in the air, then claps and says "Yaaaay!"  He gave me the first official kiss on Christmas Eve and mostly saves his kisses for me but is starting to share a few with his Daddy.  His facial expressions are priceless and I am definitely starting to see more and more of a German temper come out in him.  He is the most ticklish kid ever (he gets that from me) and I love hearing his sweet sweet laugh when you tickle him.