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Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Harper!!

On Friday, Harper turned 1 year old!! It is so hard to believe that this time last year I was just getting home from the hospital with a tiny new baby.  So much has happened in the last year and I wouldn't trade it for the world! I love being the Mommy of this amazing boy!

We don't have stats as our doctor appointment is tomorrow but right now we are crawling, pulling up, almost walking, and just plain getting into everything.  Harper is going through a clingy stage and really wants Mommy holding him ALL the time (some days I love it and others it drives me crazy!). We've done away with bottles and exclusively on sippy cups and big boy food.  Sleeping has never been a strong point and that still continues (but we are working on it).  He's a very happy, sweet boy (with a bit of a temper) who is a joy for us to be with. I don't know what I ever did before him!!  He  truly is the love of my life ( I still love you Dustin...but he's my baby!)

On Saturday was the big party.  It was huge and fun...but thank goodness it is over! I was exhausted from planning it.  We had so many good friends and family join in the celebration at my mom's house- we are so blessed to have everyone!! Below are some of the pictures and highlights of the big event. The theme was Super Why (Harper's favorite cartoon).
Harper's Cakes

The Smash Cake

So many gifts- what a lucky boy!!

Trying to assess the cake- definitely his mommy's kid really didn't enjoy getting dirty and digging in :)

Mommy, Harper & Daddy with the cake

After the smash cake- not too bad!

All the one year olds and their mommies- all are 2.5 months apart! Ashley & Hadley (March), Stacey & Jorie (January), Me & Harper (April), Becky & Hayden (February)

About to open some presents!
Thanks to everyone who came.  It was a truly special day.  Can't wait for many more birthdays to come!!!

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