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Thursday, October 8, 2009

15 weeks!

Yesterday I went in a few days early for my next appointment due my nagging allergies. I didn't get to see my little one but all seemed well and the heartbeat has slowed down to 151 beats per minute. They said my uterus is right where it needs to be...but with my height, I'm not even showing really. If I eat a big meal it pooches a little but that's been true my whole life! :) I did lose weight again but they weren't concerned as I told them I've been eating a lot (especially the last 2 weeks!). And as I pointed out, if I was trying to lose weight, I would just gain it...that's the story of my life!! But all is going great if I can get over this sinus infection. We go back in 5 weeks to find out the sex...and I can't wait!!