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Monday, February 21, 2011

Harper's First Haircut

On Saturday, February 19th, we gave Harper his first haircut.  He was getting a little shaggy around the ears, on his neck and his forehead.  So after spending the afternoon with Dustin's parents at the ranch, his mom- Mimi- gave him his first haircut.  He did really well for a 10 month old!  We sat him on the counter and he played in cabinets and read his book while she cut.  It was kind of sad to see him lose that real baby look but he looks like such a sweet little man now!


First snip

Playing in the cabinets while Mimi chased him around

Almost done!

After- what a little man!!

Dinner with Nannie & Papa

Friday night we enjoyed a nice seafood dinner with Nannie and Papa.  We had such a good time we even decided to spend the night.  I had to post this picture because my dad was so proud!  Harper was in his Aggie shirt playing with a Caterpillar dozer...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Catching up on the last month or so...

So apparently in the last month and a half or so I've fallen incredibly behind and have not been posting anything on my blog.  In an attempt to catch up here are a few of the pictures and happenings of the last month...

Harper turned 10 months old on February 1st.  He is now eating big boy food most of the time and seems to really be enjoying it.  Still no crawling but getting closer and closer to walking- he keeps letting go of us and every day seems to be a little more. He can sit up on his own which he started doing during the middle of January. Starting to plan the 1st Birthday party so that's fun and keeping me busy on top of being busy at work! His personality is really starting to shine through and he's a blast! He has the best little giggle and is quite funny himself.  On the opposite side of that he has a German temper really making appearances- especially at the word "no".  Oh the things I know I get to look forward to in the years to come with him!

Big boy food and loving it! 

In addition, we've endured a crazy cold spell and made it through.  I'll be so ready to not have to layer myself and Harper everyday just to go out.  I much prefer Spring and Summer! cold!

Mommy is sooo proud!! He looks like a natural to me!

What morning hair!  The poor baby is cursed but so darn cute!

Enjoying the first beautiful day outside in his new swing he got for Christmas