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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

8 Months!

Today Harper Weston is 8 months old!  I can't believe it has been that long but what a fun journey it has been.  Harper is really coming into being a fun little boy with a bright personality. He loves to laugh and talk to us and sit and play.  He sits up and plays like a champ. We aren't crawling yet but he can steamroll just about anywhere he wants to.  He can get his knees up under him but ends up rolling when he tries to crawl.  But he LOVES to stand and pull himself up if we sit with him by the coffee table.

I'm really looking forward to Christmas with him this year.  It will be an amazing new experience.  I'm having trouble gaining interest in buying and shopping for anyone but Harper.  It's just too much fun to find things that bring out that fabulous little toothy grin!

Here is one of my favorite pictures from this weekend.  We sat outside on the swing while Daddy put up Christmas lights.  It was cold and we needed to stay warm.  Isn't he too cute with his Elmer Fudd hat?!?

I'm hunting wabbits... :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

I didn't get on the computer but a late Happy Thanksgiving to all.  I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and ate way too much!!

Here are my two boys enjoying the family and some football at Nannie's house.

Christmas shopping

We tried to start Christmas shopping early.  It was terribly difficult to get motivated but I got a little done before Thanksgiving.  Of course we had both boys with us and when we went by Bass Pro Shops, they had quite a fun time checking out all the toys for little boys and big boys. 

This is a kid 4-wheeler that Harper particularly liked.  I'm pretty sure he would like for his Daddy or Papa to purchase it even though it's still a little big for him.

Then Dackota and Harper found one they could enjoy together.  I just LOVE these two boys!!  I forsee much trouble in the years to come from these two hanging out together.  I can't wait!!