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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Deer Hunting Opening Weekend

This last weekend was the first weekend of hunting season.  It is a national holiday for my husband.  That's all we talked about for about the last month (the last week was close to unbearable).  Saturday morning we were up at 5 and headed to our blind in freezing weather (yes it was acutally 31 degrees in Texas!).  This doesn't seem so bad until you realize it is a mile walk, in complete dark, carrying a gun, with a little light on your head, in freezing cold.  Let's just say we weren't happy we didn't see a thing after freezing our butts off.

We returned to Dustin's parents house to find a happy Harper playing with Case and Avery (his cousins).  After warming up, we freshened up and headed to Harper for the Fish Fry.  There we met up with Becky and Trey Dittmar and their little girl Hayden, who is one and a half months older than Harper.  It was great to see them- I miss them soooo much!!  Here are two pictures from that lunch. 

Harper and his Aunt Becky at the Fish Fry
Me with Hayden and Harper at the Fish Fry
That evening we went back out and saw at least a few does and one small buck but didn't get anything.  Oh well- here's to a long season of hunting!

My little monkey...

We ventured to Fredericksburg for our Halloween festivities.  The whole family with all the little ones in tow came into town where we enjoyed dinner together before heading out.  Below are two cute pictures from the evening.  I was unable to get the one of all the cousins together but let me tell you...there were a ton (and they were all so cute dressed up!).

Harper and his cousin Jorie (Stacey's little girl)
They are 2.5 months apart in age.

Harper and his cousin Avery (Dustin's niece)- quite the pair!