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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

24 Weeks

We have hit the 24 week mark and all is wonderful. I think we have determined a name for our little boy...Harper Weston Kothe. Harper is a very very active little boy- just like his dad- when he gets wound up he doesn't stop moving. But that is the best to feel him moving around and kicking inside. He has started enjoying his new past time of kicking me in the bladder and sending me back to the bathroom moments after I've already been...such a good child. :) Dustin was able to feel him kick finally last night. That was extremely special!

Yesterday I had my check up and all went well. The nurse agreed he is very active and was feeling him kicking and moving during the doppler. The doctor commented that he was measuring great and he wasn't looking to be a small baby boy (not that we ever expected otherwise). With two six footers as parents we are hoping for a tall athlete!

The crib is in and put together in Harper's room. It's not completey done with bedding but hopefully I can get my camera in there to get some early pictures. Other than that, all is great and the Kothe family is looking forward to a joyous holiday season! With my new job in Kerrville, it has been a little bit easier to get the house prepared for the season, but the shopping is now being done on weekends instead of after work on the way home. Ah the give and take of changing jobs. But I am enjoying being close to my home and my family (even if I do miss my girls in CR!).

And on one more note, Harper's friend, Davis Knecht is due to arrive early next week and we can hardly wait. Prayers are going out to the Knecht and Peden families for a safe delivery of a very healthy baby boy!!

Happy Holidays!