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Friday, August 14, 2009

If it's too loud, you're too old...

I definitely found out the old saying might just be true!

Last night my mom and I took Weslyn and Kaileigh to the Jonas Brothers concert at the AT&T Center. It was their first real concert to attend. I quickly decided that I'm too old for the boy band stuff and that things have really changed since I was a young girl. Back in the day we loved a little NKOTB and every one had shirts and buttons and hats (the list could go on forever). But the crowd last night was quite different. I think some of these little girls forgot they were still little girls! And I wasn't nearly as entertained- it was so loud you couldn't understand the words. And after coming from the days of boy bands that can dance, this was a bad excuse for jumping around. I'm not cutting down the groups that performed- I just think I was quite surprised by the changes in entertainment!

All in all, I'm glad the girls got the opportunity and I got to share the experience with them. The thank you's and hugs and kisses were totally worth being deaf the rest of the night. The picture above is Weslyn and Kaileigh posing before the concert began.